Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Velvet Galaxy

Back to the most recognised Black Milk prints- the Galaxies collection.
Here I paired my Purple Galaxy Swim with two other Black Milk pieces; Teardrop Lace Jacket and Crushed Velvet Skirt. The skirt is such a rich pink colour! It matches really well to the tones in the swim. I love pink and purple, especially paired with black :)
Also my latest Balenciaga; Baby Daim (suede) in Dark Violet; this one was a birthday gift! I love it, something different from the regular leather.

Friday, 25 April 2014

Vanilla Leopard

Another from the Vintage Black Milk archive; Original Leopard Leggings.
Over the years Black Milk have done quite a few different Leopard print designs- these were the first.
They have a metallic sheen and smudges of silver foil over the print; this surprised me at first as I thought it was fading!
I paired them here with my Sheer Back Tee, so glad that the Witch Please collection has a few new basic tops! They go with the leggings really well :)

Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Piano Keys

Here's a piece I hadn't seen much off until I owned it; Piano Key Leggings.
I bought these along with a couple other older pairs recently. 
I really like the look of them, but I'm not sure it they suit me. Lately I've drifted more towards darker colours, plus every time I wear white I seem to spill something; so these probably aren't the best fit for me!
I can't deny they are very unique, a real statement piece! So I kept the rest of my outfit simple pairing them with a black top and my new Deandri boots!

Monday, 21 April 2014

Deandri Ginger

As you would already know if you follow my blog; these days it's all about Black Milk!
However my blog originally began due to my love of shoes; my first posts were all about my personal collection, new arrivals and shoes I loved, but did not yet own.
I used to buy frequently from Solestruck at the peak of my obsession; at the time Solestruck was the place to go for Jeffrey Campbell's, they had every pair I wanted and I always received great customer service.
My buying slowed around the time that Solestruck dropped down their new arrivals from Jeffrey Campbell, slowing selling out to just a few popular styles. It was a big disappointment for me as I loved shopping on Solestruck over all the other stockists.
It was of course Black Milk that tempted me back to Solestruck, when the new collab between Black Milk x Solestruck was released, I found myself on the website checking out all the new brands.
I found a couple of styles which I loved! One were these Deandri Ginger Platforms in black on black.
I remember seeing Deandri around quite a lot about a year ago, but the styles at the time were not really for me; lots of wooden heels. These of course still have the wooden heel, but in black rather than natural wood.
After I found these on the site, Black Milk's latest photoshoot came out; featuring these exact shoes! It was great to see them paired with the clothes I wear everyday, I ordered them pretty soon after that!
I emailed Solestruck and was told they probably wouldn't be getting them in again, so I had to size up, something I was a bit worried about, but turned out to not be such a big issue. The Ginger runs half a size small anyway so it was really only a half size too big which is nothing socks cant fix ;)
I love the style of these!! I'm really into all things black and witchy right now so these fit that perfectly!
I've worn them out once already. I found that they do squeak when I walk..hopefully something that will go away once they are worn in a bit.
They are very comfy though! Even with the 6.5inch heel. I'm used to wearing huge platforms anyway so these were no problem!

Saturday, 19 April 2014

Ruby Red

This dress is one of those pieces that sat in my closet for ages, then when I wore it I fell in love.
I love red in general, so I don't know why it took me so long to wear this one. 
I bought it back when it was first released; along with all the other crystal dresses. 
I always seem to pair red with black and this outfit is no different; I love the combination.
I wore my Saxony wrap cardigan, this one can be worn a couple different ways but I like the shorter front best. 
I only recently placed my first order with Saxony and am so far really happy with their clothes! Some of the sizes fit quite large though!

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Pearls & Lace

Shattered Glass Pearl Leggings; so lovely and shiny in person, so hard to capture in photos. 
They are a really pretty rainbow pearly hologram. I've had them for such a long time I don't even remember how they came to be in my collection. 
I paired them with my black lace top, hoping for some more Black Milk tops soon; they go with everything!
This necklace matches perfectly with the leggings, it has the same shades of rainbow shimmer :)

Monday, 14 April 2014

Deep Purple

Purple Kapow! Love the colour of this dress, reminds me of Cadbury chocolate :)
I wasn't going to buy the purple one to begin with, then I saw a behind the scenes photo of it from the shoot and it looked so much nicer than the product page photos.
I'm really surprised that it's still available on the site, I would have thought it would have been more popular! I think it's really unique and something a little bit different from usual Black Milk styles.
Glitter Nightwalk's and coloured jewels make it a real party worthy outfit!

Wednesday, 9 April 2014


Finally tracked down Plumbaths!! My Bath collection is nearly complete ;)
I love them! Such an awesome pattern and colour.
I paired them with this new top I recently bought from Saxony, they have some really great pieces. I also bought a couple of other more winter style tops which I really like too. Lot's of black which is always great by me!

Monday, 7 April 2014


Here's the Bone Machine side of my latest Inside Out Dress.
I do like the print placement of this one, especially the top part, the print kind of follows your ribs.
Of course I had to wear it with my Bone Machine Lita's ;)
I accessorised with the same pieces I wore in the Galaxy side outfit, some blue to break up the monochrome.
I never used to be a fan of clutch bags; then I got my first Balenciaga Envelope Clutch and fell in love with them! I use these all the time now! (as you've probably noticed in my posts). I really want to get a black one soon.

Friday, 4 April 2014

Seeing Stars

My third Inside Out Dress; Blue Galaxy vs Bone Machine.
I now have 3 out of the 4 released so far; of course the one I want the most is the one I don't have (Peacock vs Purple Galaxy).
I've heard there will be a single sided Peacock Skater released soon though! So hopefully that happens :)
I just got this one in a swap, it's unfortunately too big for me being XS. I really like the galaxy side, not so keen on the bone machine side, I think I would like it a lot more if it fit me better.
I paired it here with my Metallic Midnight Lita's and blue accessories.

Wednesday, 2 April 2014


I recently got this awesome Black Milk jacket from another lovely sharkie.
It was a prototype piece from when Black Milk first started. I guess they decided to go with just the Meteor Top & Dress. It's a shame cause the Jacket is really nice!
I never really wanted the Meteor Dress until now! Once I got the Jacket I really noticed the sparkle the fabric has, it's really pretty :)
I paired it with my Sheer Straps; an impulse purchase when they became limited! So glad I got them, I think they will be good for wearing under dresses too. I sized down in these; my regular size was sold out when I went to buy them, but they actually fit really well.
My JC Watchman boots match the shimmery effect of the jacket, add a mini bag and my outfits complete :)


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