Saturday, 31 March 2012

Jeffrey Campbell x Black Milk


Friday, 30 March 2012

Monochrome Print

I love this dress, I recently purchased it from overseas in a little boutique called 'Somewhere'. I loved the pattern and interesting neckline, but they only had it in size medium, which was way too big :(
But then I found the same store in another area and they had the dress in my size!! Score!
I paired it with my Hellbounds and finally got around to wearing them with the white laces. I love how chunky they look when worn with a dress.
I accessorised with my Hermes medor clutch and clic clac bangle, both in shades of blue, to give the outfit a pop of colour.

Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Duty Free Shopping

Heres what I bought at the Airport while waiting for our flight.
I got the new Prada Candy perfume; it smells so good :) and as a free gift with purchase I got a little Prada candle.
I also got two make up palettes; YSL Limited Edition & Dior Garden Clutch.
Their both so pretty and have really nice shimmery colours.
In the Hermes box is my new belt I will show you all soon :)

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Spike Leopard

Wearing my new UNIF Jacket today!
I love the combination of the leopard print with the spikes!
Can't wait for the weather to cool down so I can wear it more often :)
For this outfit, I chose to pair my jacket with a red tee underneath and my red Hellbounds.
Next time I think I'll have an all black look with the Jacket as the standout piece. 

Monday, 26 March 2012

Finally! UNIF Jacket

Finally received my new UNIF Leopard Moto Jacket today, after over a week of it sitting at the Post Office while I was away.
I love it! It fits really well and is so soft like suede. Love the spike detailing and the zippers, it's a really unique piece and well worth the price!
I ordered mine from Dolls Kill, I love their site, so many awesome pieces! They shipped it really quick by express DHL and were great with customer service.
I will do an outfit post with the jacket tomorrow :)

'Be The Doll' Contest! Please Vote!

Hey everyone, can you please take a few seconds to vote for my look: 'Go To Hell' in the Dolls Kill 'Be The Doll' contest on Facebook, you just need to click the link below then click on 'vote' under my look.
I would really appreciate it :) xxx


Saturday, 24 March 2012

Senso Diffusion

I really love Senso Diffusion.
They're an Australian brand, but I've only ever bought them from the US, I havnt seen them around much here, and when I have; they are more expensive than the US.
I have 3 pairs of Senso shoes so far; the Pink Leopard Wilma, Baby Pink Saure and Black Snake Neve. I really like all of them, however I have found their sizing to be a little on the small side.
The next Senso pair I really want to get is the black & white stripe Acacia; its an older style, but I really like it.
Included are some photos of the latest Senso collection, I really love the bright pink one below.

Thursday, 22 March 2012

Gossip Girl- Style Inspiration

Here are a selection of some of my favourite looks from Gossip Girl.
I get a lot of inspiration from my 3 favourite characters; Blair, Serena and Jenny.
Their personal styles are so different, but I like elements of each.
Jenny is probably the character whose style is most similar to my own, I like how she uses so much black and edgy clothing, where Blair is more polished and bright, then Serena always looks so casual and thrown together, yet still stylish.

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

2 Pairs of Shoes I really Want!

Two pairs of shoes that I really want right now are the Betsey Johnson Foxxeyy and UNIF Hellbound in Leopard.
I love the look of the Betsey Johnson Foxxeyy, I think it is a really unique shoe and I love the mix of the yellow and black together.
As for the Hellbound in Leopard, if you follow my blog, then you know my love for the Hellbound's already.
I really want to collect all the colours! The leopard ones would match my new UNIF leopard jacket purrfectly ;)

Saturday, 17 March 2012

My Top 10 Favourite Shoes

Black UNIF Hellbound
Defiantly my favourite pair of shoes right now! Love them so much, and the 3 different laces makes them so versatile, although I do love the rainbow ;)
*Purchased from Solestruck*

Friday, 16 March 2012

Rainbow Galaxy

First outfit wearing my new Black Milk Rainbow Galaxy Skirt!
I really love the look of this skirt, but wasn't sure what to wear it with.
I opted for a turquoise coloured top and black tights. Paired with my glitter Litas.
I look forward to creating some different looks featuring this skirt; to see what works and what doesn't.

Thursday, 15 March 2012

UNIF Clothing

 As most of my regular blog readers are probably aware; Im currently having a love affair with UNIF.
I only quite recently discovered this brand when I purchased the Hellbounds from Solestruck.
I went on to look into this brand a bit more and found so many items that I loved!
I have since gone on to purchase the 'Jesus Saves I Spend' tee and the Hellbound in red.
I have just ordered the Leopard Spike Moto Jacket and really want to get the Leopard Hellbounds to match!
And as soon as the Pink Hellbounds (my perfect shoe!) are released I will be snapping them up along with some Hellraisers.
As for the other pieces I want:
Tie Dye Shroom Daze Tee- Love the colours!
Americana Moto Jacket- Love leather jackets and America for that matter!
Lace Chocker Dress- Love the vintage yet edgy look
Morrison Leather Pants- I've wanted some leather pants for a while! I love these ones, but Im not sure what size I would be..
I really want to add these pieces to my wardrobe ASAP!

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Lanvin Legs

I love this Lanvin x H&M top, I just never seem to wear it.
I like the design, it's just really baggy, usually I wear more fitted clothes.
I decided to wear it as more of a dress on this occasion, just wearing some leggings underneath.
I matched my accessories to the details of the top; the blue ribbon and little pink sequin heart.

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Jeffrey Campbell x Wildfox Colab

So the release of the Jeffrey Campbell x Wildfox colab shoe collection is soon approaching!
I have managed to track down some more images of the 4 piece collection.
Upon seeing these new photos, I have actually changed my mind completely as to which ones I want to buy.
I originally really liked the Dallas (denim foxy-like shoe with the bow on the back) however, after seeing these photos of it, Im not sure..I don't really like the shape of the heel, but I will wait and see when they are released to be sure.
One shoe that I now definitely want is the Sergeant Pepper (the tall black lita-like boot) I think it would be very versatile and fits my personal style well.
As for the Ballerina flatform; I know that most people who are interested in this collection- this is the one they all want, me however..I never really liked it, I've never been a fan of flatforms. I do like the Ballet shoe look, but I just feel that this looks like someone has tied a brick to the bottom of it..
And finally the Lone Star (white heel) I am still undecided on this one..I don't have any white heels, so I could do with these, and I like the vintage style to them, but Im not sure if I will buy them or not, I guess I'll wait and see how much they all are before I make final decisions :)
What are your opinions on the collection?

Monday, 12 March 2012

Wine Panel

I wore this outfit to a cousin's baby naming day on the weekend.
The dress is one I recently purchased from Asos, I really liked the contrasting panels of wine and navy.
I paired it with my 'Dorothy shoes' Jeffrey Campbell Wanted G and Kelly Bag.
I also wore my kewpie doll gold necklace, my godmother bought me this for my birthday, its an antique piece dating back to WW1, the soldiers wife's used to give them these little pendants when they went away to war, as something to remember them. I really like the story behind it :)
I liked this outfit, but as it turned out, the shoes weren't to appropriate for a beach ceremony..

Saturday, 10 March 2012

Just Ordered: UNIF Spring 2012 Leopard Spike Jacket

I've loved this jacket ever since I first saw it a couple of weeks ago on Christeric's blog.
I saw it appear on various websites, but the price was a bit to expensive, yet I still really wanted it.
Im glad I waited, because Dolls Kill released it on their site today for $199, which is the cheapest store by far! Aso's are selling it for around $290 and most others are selling it for between $250-$300. 
I thought $199 was a good price so I snapped it up fast! Pity it wasn't a flat $200 coz I could have got free shipping..Oh well! Im so excited to receive my new jacket!!
Get it from Dolls Kill quick! 

Friday, 9 March 2012

Cosmic Colours

Rainbow Bright outfit mixed with black for today.
I wore my new rainbow galaxy print top, and thought the laces on the Hellbounds would match the top perfectly.

Thursday, 8 March 2012

Galaxy Prints

New galaxy print clothes.
Supre long singlet and Black Milk rainbow galaxy skirt.
I love how all the colours blend together!
I also went op shopping today. Picked up some good scores including Neon Pink Converse for $1.50, Cheap Monday jeans for $8 (first time I've ever seen them in Australia!) and some different dresses. Lots of bargains :)

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Crimson Hot Hellbound

Today was my first time wearing my new Red UNIF Hellbounds out of the house.
They do feel a little looser than my black ones, whether thats because the laces were looser or because they were made that way; I don't know..this is both a good and bad thing; on the plus side, they don't squash my feet as much as the black ones, but that also means my foot is less secure, so a bit more wobbly to walk in.
Whatever, I still love them! I really want to get the Leopard version now!
I chose to keep the rest of my outfit quite simple today, and have the shoes as the stand out piece!
Also how cute are these earrings! I found them at a vintage store a few weeks ago and just had to have them! They are so me :)

Friday, 2 March 2012

Red UNIF Hellbound!

My latest shoe addition: The UNIF Hellbound in red!
From my favourite brand from my favourite store of the moment; UNIF & Dolls Kill!
I loved my black ones so much, I just had to have the red ones to, I want to collect all the colours of the Hellbounds! They are my new favourite shoe :)
These ones only come with the black shoelaces, but thats ok, I tried out the rainbow laces on the red and it doesn't really suit it anyway, I don't think the white laces would either, black and red look great together!
The Hellbounds are really well made, their chunky and strong so they should last forever :)
I highly recommend them! If your looking to buy them just do it! You wont regret it!
Buy the red Hellbounds here at Dolls Kill! Karmaloop also has them in red.


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