Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Luck of the Irish

I just got this Stylestalker Leather Jacket! I have a slight obsession for leather jackets, I have so many; but they go with everything! I tend to have a couple of favourites which I tend to wear over and over.
This one has gold hardware details which is a change from the usual silver, plus it matches the hardware on my Balenciaga.
I paired it with my Black Milk Irish Leggings, thought I may as well wear them on an occasion other than St Patrick's Day :)
The boots are one of my original pairs; by Senso, I haven't worn them for the longest time, so thought I'd try them out again, they have a snakeskin look with metallic brown tinges running through them, really cool in the light.

Friday, 26 July 2013

Pin Up

Pin Up outfit taken from my 30 Day BM Challenge.
I really liked the way this looked together- the Pin Up Dress paired with the Smiley Hosiery; really dark and over the top, especially when paired with the crazy Night Walk heels.
I kept the accessories simple wearing only the House of Harlow necklace.
The details of this dress don't show up well in these photos. It has a lace panel in the middle, with black panels on each side which curve in to create an interesting silhouette. 

Thursday, 25 July 2013

Balenciaga Love

Balenciaga is fast becoming one of my favourite designers.
I recently got my tax refund back so I decided to treat myself to a new special bag.
I got this City bag in the giant rose gold hardware. I was originally looking at the gold hardware, but I decided on the rose gold as I thought it gave the bag a more vintage feel.
It's a very versatile bag; being black, which I think I will use a lot!
I also got the Arena Cuff in the black, this one with the gold hardware as most of the good jewellery I wear is also gold.
Here are my new babies, also pictured with my Balenciaga regular hardware city in Mangue (Mango yellow) and my other Bal bracelet in the pink.

Monday, 22 July 2013

Black on Black

As you may have noticed from my last few outfit posts; I'm really into Black at the moment!
This all black look includes one of my favourite pairs of shoes; the Wildfox JC collaboration Sgt Pepper Boot. I really love them, they're so versatile. The gold accents match really well to my Balenciaga bag and matching cuff bracelet too!
I wore my Damsel Top lace side front this time, not sure which way I prefer, I like the lace, but not so much the neckline..
The leggings are a Black Milk sample pair; maybe an early version of the Tiered Leggings; they are covered in an extra layer of straps that wrap around the legs.

Friday, 19 July 2013


A simple outfit for the current horrible weather!
T-shirt and jeans combo paired with my BM Biker Jacket and studded bag & boots.
I paired more than I should have for this jacket, so I thought I better get some wear out of it! Even though it is definitely suited more to Autumn/Spring weather; being cropped with 3/4 sleeves.
Still waiting for some more jackets from Black Milk..half way through winter and still nothing :( 
Theres only so many Swims & Dresses a girl can wear before freezing to death ;)

Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Black Panther

Black outfit featuring my new favourite swim; The Panther!
I loved this when it first came out! I really like all the animal swims really, so when I got my tax return I decided to buy this, along with a couple of other new BM pieces :)
I really like the darkness of it; how the Panther is prowling out of the shadows!
I paired it with my Leather Skirt, Suspender Hosiery and another new piece; the Kimono..which I'm still not sure of, it fits really big due to the 'OSFA' sizing.

Sunday, 14 July 2013

There's No Place Like Home

I recently got this BM Sample Bodysuit from another lovely Sharkie!
It's the same material as the 'No Place Like Home' leggings, I decided to keep to the Wizard of Oz theme by dressing up as Dorothy.
I paired it with my glittery red heels and even a miniature 'Toto'
There are lot's of really nice designs I've seen from Black Milk, it's a shame that most don't end up being produced as I think they would be pretty popular. I would love this print in a Skater Dress!

Thursday, 11 July 2013

A Sassy Nation

I think I have found a new favourite piece in the A Sassy Nation Bodysuit!
I really love it!! Reminds me of the old BM Blog Days Bodysuits; which I'm still even now trying to track down a couple of.
I ordered this as soon as it was released and received it yesterday.
One great thing about it- unlike all the Swims/Bodysuits to date; this one has crotch snaps!!
I really hope Black Milk start implementing this into future items, it makes it a lot more practical; no more stripping down!
A Sassy Nation is one size fits all- it's made of the hosiery material in Italy, it fits me really well (I'm usually XS) I'd like to see this on bigger sized girls to see how the stretch goes, but it seems like it would be quite accommodating.
I also had a few girls ask me about the crotch snaps- they seem good quality, and are not uncomfortable, they are little flat ones, so they don't poke into your thighs or anything like that!!
For this outfit; I paired it with my BM Leather Skirt (still a bit squashed from the post), my latest Balenciaga and some trusty JC's.

Friday, 5 July 2013

BM Latest

Here are the Black Milk pieces I've added to my collection since I last posted. 
I thought I had included them all, but I forgot a few, so I'll include them in the next one.
I got a couple pieces in the Museum sale, and chose the Rain Bird Swim and Sharkollage Crop from the 500k Noms collection. I really liked the Rain Bird's pretty colours and I wanted something in the Shark print and the Crop seemed less busy than the others- the print was a bit overwhelming, but I knew I would regret not getting it in some form :)
The others were various ebay/online finds, and some from lovely BM friends.
My collection is getting a bit crazy now! I either need to buy another wardrobe or start selling some of it to make room for new stuff!
My 500k Noms Pieces: Rain Bird Swim & Sharkollage Crop

Thursday, 4 July 2013


Black Milk's latest collection; 'Glitterpuke' was released today.
I originally wasn't planning on buying anything from it right away, I currently have quite a large in-store wishlist to catch up on!
Then I saw the A Sassy Nation Bodysuit was added to the list! I loved this since I first saw it sneaked last year! I had to have it!! At only $60 too it's a bargain.
I really love the Designer Black Milk pieces, they are a lot more versatile and discreet than the loud printed items.
The Sassy Bodysuit reminds me of the Black bodysuit's back in the BM blog days! Can't wait to get it :)
Also added to my wishlist; the Dinoskull Swim, Aurora Orange Dress, Pretty Lights Dress and Will You Still Love Me Hosiery.
I also finally received my 500k Noms Pieces today! I haven't updated my blog with regular posts for a while due to my 30 Day Challenge, so tomorrow I can hopefully get another "New arrivals" post up.


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