Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Deadstock Dreams

New UNIF- Deadstock Dress & Indigo Hellbounds.
I love this dress! I had been wanting it for months, ever since I saw a sneak peak of it from UNIF.
I really like how it matches with the Hellbounds.
Bit too cold for this outfit yet, but this will be a great summer basic :)

Monday, 30 July 2012

JC x Wildfox; Lonestar

I finally caved and ordered the Lonestar Platforms from the JC x Wildfox Collab.
My collab collection is now complete :)
I ordered them from Revolve a little while ago, I really love Revolve, I just wish they had a larger selection, but they have great discounts and free shipping (used to be Priority but is now First Class apparently) 
I really like them! I think they will be a great summer shoe which will go with a lot of colours.
I ordered my usual size 6 and they fit perfectly.
They have a 4 inch heel which is a little lower than my usual, but that's probably a good thing ;)

Saturday, 28 July 2012


My new Stylestalker Jacket that I purchased from Nasty Gal a little while ago, I paired it with this Chanel shirt which is the softest material ever! and my glitter Nightwalks.

Friday, 27 July 2012

Black Milk Nylon Wars Pt1

Thursday was the release of Black Milks Nylon Wars Part 1.
I decided before the release to only buy 3 pieces, but I ended up with 6:
Im so glad I could finally get the Green Galaxy Leggings and I really love the look of the Shattered Glass Jacket which was cheaper than I was expecting which is always good :) I may end up buying the Charcoal version if I like the Silver one.
I also thought that the Spotty and Jester Leggings were a really good price! $50 each when usually leggings are $75.
There must have been a lot more stock of each design this time; everything didn't sell out in the first 5 minutes for once- even the limited items are still available!
A lot of the pieces I want weren't in this release; Nylon Wars Part 2 is going to be a very expensive day for me ;)

Thursday, 26 July 2012

Pink Leopard

One of my lovely blog followers Nadia asked me a while ago to take some pics of the UNIF Leopard Spike Jacket with the Leopard Hellbounds, I've finally done it!
FYI: The Hellbounds are a tiny bit darker than the jacket- or maybe it just looks that way because the spots are closer together.
Also the Hellbounds are coming out a bit shiny in the photos due to being made of a hair material.
I broke up all the leopard with some splashes of pink :)

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

UNIF Hellbound Collection

Well my little Hellbound collection was complete for all of 1 day before Dolls Kill told me that they had just received the Turquoise and Grey -_-
I plan on getting them both soon :)
So heres some pics of my collection so far; Indigo, Mermaid Pink, Neon Pink, Black, Crimson and Leopard!

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Smileys & Crosses

I finally decided to buy the Black Milk Cross of St Peters Skirt.
I went for the white seeing as I already own the black version in the leggings.
I also bought the Smiley Hosiery, they are so cute, from afar they look like regular patterned tights, but up close they are made up of lots of little smiley faces.
I really love both pieces!
I paired them with a simple black top and my new JC x Nasty Gal Angela Platforms.

Monday, 23 July 2012

UNIF & Rainbows

My latest buys from Dolls Kill and Karmaloop.
I had been wanting the UNIF Garter Skirt for a long time, I finally ordered it from Dolls Kill along with the UNIF White Poison Ivy Dress, UNIF Hellbounds in Indigo and this awesome Our Price Of Peace Rainbow Velvet Dress.
I now have all the colours of Hellbounds released so far :)
I also ordered this UNIF Cotton Candy Dress from Karmaloop, I'm not sure about it; I'll probably end up getting it hemmed shorter.
As always; the service from Dolls Kill was awesome! Fast shipping and great customer service, they emailed me when their was an issue with sizing of one of the pieces and had it all sorted out really quickly, I love the relaxed atmosphere of Dolls Kill.
As for Karmaloop..well I dont order from them very often if that tells you anything ;) 

Saturday, 21 July 2012

Pink Velvet Spike

So I may have a few new Black Milk purchases, including this crushed velvet skirt.
The colour is 'Fluro Lipstick', there were a few different colours of the same skirts released, I was initially deciding between the pink and the purple; then this one was released which was like a blend of both. It also matches my new Lita Spikes quite well ;)

Friday, 20 July 2012

Spikes & Spots

My latest Solestruck purchases; Lita Spike CMYK in Black/Pink and UNIF Hellbounds in Leopard!
I love them both! I was so pleased when these Lita's went on sale, I snapped them up straight away.
I decided to order the Leopard Hellbounds as well, I didnt really want the Leopard ones in the beginning, I like them so much better with the black laces. I think they look a lot better in real life.
As always Solestruck was awesome, fast shipping and great service; still my number one store for buying shoes :)

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Shopping List

I have already crossed off a large chunk of my list in the last couple of days, here are a few items that I am yet to purchase.
UNIF Godspeed Dress
UNIF Deadstock Dress
UNIF Peignoir Tank (Let me know if you see this anywhere in XS/S)
Black Milk Lace Spartans
Gold Spike UNIF Hellraisers
JC Big Lita
JC Tardy Stud (Looking for a 7)
JC Foxy Spike Pink (Waiting on restock)

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Blue Velvet

A very blue outfit for today featuring my Black Milk blue galaxy leggings paired with one of my latest pairs of Litas.
I had totally forgotten about this blue velvet dress until I pulled it out of my wardrobe earlier, I thought it would match with this outfit really well.

Friday, 13 July 2012

Eyelash Dress

Another outfit post featuring the Black Milk Eyelash Dress- this time creating a different look by wearing it over a simple black dress.
I really like both looks, but my favourite would be the rainbow, wearing this dress with black makes it more simple.
I paired it with a purple bag (Hermes) and boots (JC Litas) and minimal jewellery to keep the focus on the dress.

Thursday, 12 July 2012

Oroton Valet Bag

I received my Oroton Valet Bag today.
I won this little beauty in a Shop Til You Drop competition about a month ago.
I was expecting it to be red, but being black is even better.
Its hard to capture in photos- but it is made of sequins, leather and fur, it's limited edition number 86 of only 100 worldwide :)
It's really pretty, I love it! Thanks Shop Til You Drop :)

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Red Galaxy

Red, White, Blue and Galaxy Shoes!
Unfortunately I couldn't wear these shoes out- I just wore them for the pics cause they're way too big for me :( 
There was lots of red tones in the print of the shoes so I chose to pair them with a red bag and scarf.

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Nasty Gal Sale Haul

Here's what I bought in the Nasty Gal sale a couple of weeks ago.
All together it was just under $200, so I got some bargains :)
I had been looking at this Stylestalker Jacket for a while so when I saw it on sale I had to have it! I really like it, something different from the usual black.
I also got the UNIF Lace Choker Dress in ivory- I already had the black version which I love so I bought the other colour too..even if it is a bit big.
These NG x JC Heels are really retro 90's looking, I thought they were black- so I was surprised to find they have burgundy tones under the light. I think they're really witchy looking :)

Monday, 9 July 2012

Black Galaxy

Leather and Lace mixed with Black Milk.
I really like the contrast of leather mixed with lace and the toughness of the Hellbounds mixed with the frilly socks; today is all about opposites :)
All the black in this outfit makes the galaxy leggings stand out really well.

Saturday, 7 July 2012

Ted Lapidus & Guess

I just got back from a visit to my Grandparent's house.
I always seem to come home with gifts from my Nanna's collection of goodies and today was no exception.
I now have this Guess Bag and these awesome Ted Lapidus Vintage Sunglasses!
These sunnies are where Chloe originally got the idea for the Myrtle; these are the original version!! 
Nicole Ritchie is a big fan off these sunglasses, I have seen her wearing a few different pairs and have always liked the unique look of them! So glad I finally have a pair of my own :)

Friday, 6 July 2012


A crazy bright outfit featuring my Black Milk Psychedelic Chess Leggings.
I love all the bright colours and how they look paired with my neon Hellbounds! 
So crazy and over the top :) 
I chose to keep the neon theme going by wearing a neon pink singlet dress and my skull necklace, I found these bangles in Diva the other day that were like my House of Harlow ones! I bought them anyway because I loved the bright pink one :)

Thursday, 5 July 2012

UNIF Hellraisers!

I finally got the UNIF Hellraisers thanks to Tilted Sole!
They sent me the Bubblegum Pink ones and I love them!
I have wanted these shoes for such a long time :) I should have bought them ages ago- they seem like really good quality! 100% soft leather.
They are really comfy and fit so well- I got the Size 6; which is what I usually wear in flats.
These will be a great alternative to all the mega high shoes I usually wear!
Buy them from Tilted Sole! I highly recommend them! They still have lots of pairs- not only pink, but also the indigo and white! You can also get a $10 off coupon by signing up to their Newsletter!
I really love the 'Big Lita' which I have also just discovered on Tilted Sole, its like a mash up of the regular Lita's and the UNIF Hellbound's- Two of my favourite styles- so these would be perfect for me :)

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Rainbow Eyelashes

Wearing two new Black Milk items for this outfit: The Eyelash Dress and the Rainbow Galaxy Lita's.
I really like how the Eyelash looks paired over the Rainbow Galaxy Dress.
The Jeffrey Campbell x Black Milk Lita's are so pretty, I love them :) I just had to pair them with the matching dress for my first outfit post feauturing them.

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Black Milk x Jeffrey Campbell

I got both pairs of my Black Milk x Jeffrey Campbell Shoes today.
I really love the Lita's, they fit really well and have good colour placement (even if the best part is on the instep).
However; I'm really not happy with the Damsels.
They are way too big for me, even though Solestruck states they are true to size, I think there probably a full size too big on me, I ordered a 7 which is usually what I get in Boots, but I think I really need a 6.
Also I just don't like the look of them- I was really hoping to get a real rainbow pair, but my pair has heaps of orange/red which is what I really didn't want it to have.
If anyone is planning on buying a pair of the Black Milk shoes I would definitely recommend buying the Lita over the Damsels!
I cant believe that I've been waiting over 3 months for these shoes only to have one of the pairs be so disappointing..

Monday, 2 July 2012


This would have to be one of my favourite outfit posts featured on the blog.
I really love this rainbow velvet dress from Miracle Eye, it's so soft, pretty and unique!
Everyone should definitely check out Larissa's store- she makes all the clothes herself!
I feel in love with it when I saw it on Dark Vice and was really surprised at the price! 
I paired it with my new UNIF Hellbounds in Mermaid- I really love how they match with the dress :)


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