Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Happily Ever After

The first (and my favourite) of my Black Milk Disney release pieces. The Happily Ever After Dress!
Such a pretty dress; white burned velvet with puffy sleeves. Something different from my style of mostly black lately.
I paired it with simple white heels and some pink shiny disney princess inspired accessories.
I ended up buying 6 pieces in the release, I managed to miss out on all 3 of the coloured PVC skirts however, so I'm now on a mission to track them down :)

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Velvet Flapper

My style has changed lately; I'm not really into the bright coloured outfits as much anymore, much preferring darker colours- usually black with a few deeper coloured accessories.
I'm not really sure what caused the change, but I'm really liking it.
Here's another of the darker looks featuring my Black Milk long sleeve velvet dress; a piece I was really glad to see re-released! I have quite a love for velvet pieces!
Also wearing my Flapper Hosiery- they remind me of mermaid scales :) 

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Give Me Nylon

Give Me Nylon Or Give Me Death! A pretty true saying for me and my Black Milk obsession!
The 400k Noms Bodysuit was a must have for sharkies. I paired it here with my BV Maxi Dress folded over and worn as a long skirt. I love the Burnt Velvet stuff!! Hoping for more styles in the future :)

Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Shiny Sapphire

I've bought so much from each of the last few Black Milk releases, I haven't had a chance to even wear a lot of the pieces yet! 
Like the shattered crystal pieces; I bought all three colours in both the dress and the bodysuit. Here's my styling of the Sapphire Shattered Crystal Bodysuit.
It's the middle of winter here now and the temperature is really dropping! So I'm finding I'm always too rugged up now to bother taking any outfit pics. I hate winter with a passion! Cannot wait for the warm weather to return so I can get more wear out of my Black Milk Swims & Dresses :)


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