Friday, 27 September 2013

SharkieCon Spirit

I was so bummed when I saw this special SharkieCon Shooter pop up around Instagram and Facebook.. I never even seen it!! It was a special hidden pre-sale item for SharkieCon Vegas.
I really loved how it featured the same Sharks as the Shark Swim (which coincidently I just found out I missed seeing/buying on eBay!!). 
I managed to find this one on eBay; of course I ended up paying a lot more for it, but at least it's mine now :D
I paired it with Blue Galaxy Leggings- you can't get more classic Black Milk than those ;)

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Crazy Patterns

Glad I decided to buy the Back Of The Deck Swim in the last BM release, being a limited pre-sale item, I was still undecided, but the time limited made me cave! Turns out I really like it :)
 Such a crazy pattern called for a simple bottom; the Eyelash Skirt. The Eyelash Dress & Tee are some of my most worn and versatile Black Milk pieces, so I knew I needed the skirt when it was announced!
I'm really looking forward to the Halloween release! Judging from the ever-growing list; there are quite a number of items I plan on nomming :)

Friday, 20 September 2013

Nueva York

Another red + black outfit; my favourite colour combination.
First time wearing my Bloodbath leggings, despite having them for ages, I actually like them more than I thought I would, they are a very detailed print, looks like little faces hidden in the pattern. I would love to get the purple version 'Plumbaths'.
I paired them with my Phillip Lim tank, Im really loving this designer at the moment! And yes I did pick up a few pieces from the recent Target collaboration, but more on those later ;)
Something different for this outfit post; I'm wearing flat shoes (well flat for me) My UNIF Koop's got there first outing, very comfortable and easy to wear, and I didn't stab anyone with the spikes either!
As I mentioned earlier; I have a new bag to show and here it is! The Balenciaga Classic City in Coquelicot. It looks a little more orange than in real life in these photos, but It's a really beautiful Poppy red in real life. I've wanted a red Balenciaga for a really long time and was originally searching for one with the giant gold hardware, but when I saw it, I didn't really like the gold with the red. Then I found the classic with all the tassels and fell in love :)

Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Skater Girl

Sort-of Spring weather means I can wear my dresses! 
Im really glad I was able to get this BM Lace Skater when it was released, it's really pretty :) Although I would call the colour more pink/watermelon than red as the name states.
It matched my Balenciaga clutch perfectly; also a pinky/red shade. I've never really been into clutch bags, but I really like the Balenciaga styles as they are more slouchy than structured and fit quite a lot!
I got these JC Hologram Heels recently for a bargain price! I expected them to be to big for me as they are a size larger than my usual, but they fit really well. They look awesome in the light!

Friday, 13 September 2013

Shiny Spring

Spring weather is slowly returning, today I wore my Silver Shattered Glass Jacket, it's so shiny in the sun; like a beautiful rainbow :)
It's such a statement piece I wore it over a plain white tee and jeans.
It's warm enough that I can start wearing open heels again, after months of being covered up in boots, for this outfit I wore my Senso Saure Heels which matched my baby pink skull scarf. 
My Bleu Lavende Balenciaga is probably one of my favourite bags in my collection, although I do have a new one to show you soon ;)

Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Girly Grunge

As the weather slowly warms up, I am now able to start wearing some of the Black Milk pieces I have accumulated over winter, this was my first outing in the Tartan vs Wetlook Bodysuit I got in one of the recent releases, I love it! Hopefully there will be more styles like this in future.
I love wearing red & black together, so this outfit worked really well for my style, plus I finally got some wear out of my tartan Tardy boots :)

Friday, 6 September 2013

Black Milk x Harry Potter Collection

Black Milk's latest collection is released on Tuesday! All Harry Potter! There are lots of pieces, but only a few that I am interested in buying, although I have read the books and like it, A lot of the clothes aren't something I would ever wear now.
The one's I do like are the two Deathly Hallows pieces- Leggings and the Swim. The Front Marauders Map Dress and Weasley Weather Tee. Also maybe the Daily Prophet Leggings- similar to the original Newspaper Leggings; but magical :)

Black & Blue

Once again..the nice weather has left us as quickly as it came.
I bought this cardigan along with some cheap basics from Supre, it was only $15, but I really like the print and it is nice and warm :)
I paired it with my BM Matte Skater, I'm finding I'm not really wearing my bodycon BM dresses anymore, so hopefully there will be lots of different skater prints released in the future!
Once again wearing my Suspender Hosiery, metal belt and Foxy heels, so similar items as my last outfit post, but styled differently.
I also wore my PS1 Bag, I love the style of it, however I think it may be a bit big for me, what do you think of it?

Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Leather Eyelashes

Finally the weather is warming up! At least for a few days anyway.
Here's a triple Black Milk outfit featuring two of my favourite versatile pieces; Eyelash Tee and Leather Skirt.
I'm loving Balenciaga right now, I have a new obsession with their bags and accessories! Here is my latest acquisition; the Giant Part Time bag in Bleu Lavende- A lovely purple/blue chameleon colour.


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