Tuesday, 20 August 2013

OMG Shoes!

Something different from the usual Black Milk posts that have taken over my blog lately ;)
Going back to my first obsession; Shoes!
I recently decided that I needed these UNIF Koop Sneakers in the Black Leather.
Lately I've been more into the grungy/dark looks, I spotted these and impulse bought them.
They still have a platform, so not completely flat, but something different than the giant platform heel styles I usually go for.
I love my Hellraiser's because of the spikes that cover them, I really liked these for that reason too, they remind me of a more dangerous version of the converse sneakers ;)
I ordered them from Karmaloop, a site that I usually avoid, but they were on sale and I had a code, so it was a pretty good deal. As usual I was disappointed with Karmaloop's service- delivery was super slow and when they finally did arrive they were missing a spike already!
I contacted UNIF direct and they are sending me out some extra spikes! They are always really awesome with their customer service at least. Karmaloop's solution was for me to send them back, oh but by the way we don't have that style anymore..Awesome thanks guys -_-
I am yet to wear them out, I've only tried them on, but they seem good overall! Very sturdy and good quality (apart from the spike issue).
 I got a size 6 after reading mixed reviews. I'm glad I decided against sizing up as even the 6 seem a little big.


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