Wednesday, 13 August 2014


I never really understood the hype over Black Milk's "Harley Quinn" Leggings the Red & Blacks, yet I really like this sample dress I recently acquired.
It's a wet look skater dress, similar to the two-toned PVC skirts that never ended up being released either, apparently there were problems with the two colours rubbing together, but this dress being wet look, doesn't have that problem. Hopefully it's released eventually, It's a really cool piece. 
I paired it with another recent addition- the Card Suit Hosiery, keeping in the Harley Quinn theme :)
Black and red accessories complete the colour blocked look.

I was wearing:
Black Milk Harley Quinn Skater Dress 
Chanel Red Mini Bag
UNIF Mary Chain Platforms
Balenciaga Red Giant Cuff Bracelet 


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