Monday, 7 January 2013

Barbie & Sheena

This is my latest Black Milk order, which I placed just before the Christmas break.
When the Barbie spewed on me leggings were first released I wasn't that fond of them- then I started seeing the fan photos! They look sooo much better in real life than in the website photos! So glittery and the colours blend together nicely.
I also finally got the Sheena swim, which I had missed in a couple of previous restocks :)
I love them both! Can't wait for the next release :)



  1. So envious of these purchases! I missed out on the Barbie legs and my torso is too long for swims :O
    I cant wait for them to make better swim sizes, so many I want! haha

    I also made a bunch of Sheena products to match the BM :D

    1. Hopefully you can get some soon! I've grown to love the swims nearly as much as the dresses ;)
      The Sheena things are soo cute!! xx


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