Friday, 11 January 2013

Solestruck Shoe Wants

For quite A while now, I've been posting about Black Milk nearly everyday! So for something different I thought I'd do a shoe post again ;)
Theres a few new Styles that I really like and want to get soon, so I thought I'd share them.

All shoes available from Solestruck along with heaps of other new arrivals :)

1. UNIF Das Boot
- Loved these ever since I first saw them, just waiting for my size to come back in stock!

2. Jeffrey Campbell Big Foxy
- Again out of stock in my size, but I plan on getting them soon, I love chunky shoes, so these are just perfect, plain black so they will go with everything!

3. Jeffrey Campbell Lars
- Something a bit different for me, usually I go for the biggest shoes I can find, but I really like the metal bars on this one.

4. Jeffrey Campbell Foxier 
- I love my Foxy's so Foxy's with all over spikes are even better!

I haven't bought anything from this brand before, but I really like these ones!
The colour is called 'Petrol' and they change colour in different lights.

Solestruck also just got in the Jeffrey Campbell Holographic Brazens that I got a little while ago.
Get them quick before they sell out- they're so pretty!


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  1. I want Das Boot SO freakin' bad, I know it's Like the Hellbound but the zip adds a whole different edge. I won't get it for a while though, especially not now that I'm replacing my Black Hellbounds for the second time. lol


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