Saturday, 27 April 2013


A bright sunny outfit to remind me of the summery weather that it seems is now long gone :(
The White Popsicles Swim is my all time favourite Black Milk piece in my collection!
Popsicles were a dream piece of mine for so long! I'm lucky to have this one thanks to someone very special ;)
Soon I will have all the Popsicle things!! The Black version leggings are being released next week, and then hopefully soon the swims will be out too! Still hoping for a dress!!
For this outfit I paired my Popsicles with this little yellow skirt I found in my closet! I've had it forever and never wore it, but it matches well with the brightness of this swim.
Added some bright accessories and my Lonestar heels- probably my most worn JC's.
I was wearing:
Black Milk White Popsicle Swim
Yellow Buttoned Pleated Skirt
Chanel Blue Bag
Hawaii Yellow & Blue Necklace
Diva Yellow Cuff Bracelet & Blue Stud Bracelet
Bali Turquoise Earrings



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  2. I freaking LOVE popsicle print, did you get the legs yet?


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