Sunday, 21 April 2013


This outfit is from when it was a bit warmer! Currently it's cold and raining! Not looking forward to Winter weather, but kinda happy to be able to wear all my winter clothes again!
I wore my Sheena Swim paired with my trusty Supre skirt! I really wanted the Black Milk leather skirt that was released not long ago, but I figured I have a few similar skirts (including this one) which are pretty similar and cheaper. Turns out I'm not a fan of the way the Black Milk one sits anyway, it seems really stiff and I haven't liked it in any of the fan photos I've that's one crossed of my list ;)
I kept the red theme of the swim going with my red Lita boots and my mini Chanel Bag; one of my favourite bags ever! It's so cute :)

I was wearing:
Supre Black Skater Skirt
Chanel Red Mini Bag
House of Harlow Stations Necklace
Diva Yellow Cuff Bracelet
Diva Leopard Head Ring
Vintage Stone Earrings


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