Monday, 18 November 2013

Golden Lashes

Lots of eyelashes in this outfit! Eyelash Skirt & Gold Lashes Bodysuit.
I bought this bodysuit recently when it went limited; that usually pushes me to buy things quickly ;)
It was really good for $50 and is a lot stretchier than a lot of the bodysuits, and it's so shiny!
I love the look of black paired with gold, I kept it going in my boots and accessories.

I was wearing:
Vintage Gold Filigree Black Stone Belt
Chanel Black Vintage Handbag
Hermes Charm Bracelet



  1. You look gorgeous!

  2. CHANEL! you should post your chanel collection~ I've seen lots of cute chanel bags, but it'd be cool to see all of them together!


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