Sunday, 1 January 2012

Welcome :)

After years spent on Facebook and other different web communities, I felt like I had to move on and create a space of my own.
On my blog, I will be posting outfit pics; showing my personal style, things I like (or want lol) and often random things to!
My style varies a lot. One day I will dress very girly and dollish, with skirts, heels and a lot of pink, the next Ill dress in black ripped jeans, converse and studs and leather.
I take inspiration from many sources; blogs, fashion magazines, people on the street, bands. I also find inspiration in more alternative styles like punk and goth.
I love designer things! My collection of handbags proves that ;), but Im not all about the luxury, recently I have gotten into vintage, I love going to vintage stores and finding unique pieces nobody will ever own.
I also have a giant weakness for shoes, particularly Jeffrey Campbell, Solestruck is going to send me broke!
Im also into customising my clothes to make them look different from the mainstream. Lately Im into studded detailing, bows jewels and lots of accessories :)


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