Monday, 30 January 2012

UNIF Hellbound

Today I received the UNIF Hellbound's from Solestruck!
As soon as I saw them I knew I had to have them! They reminded me of a chunkier version of the Lita, which I love as Im sure you know by now ;)

Another thing that really attracted me to them was the bright rainbow laces! I love all things rainbow so I thought they would look awesome with these shoes. 
They also come with black and cream laces, I think it was a great idea by UNIF to add 3 pairs of different colour laces to the shoes, to create different looks from the same pair of shoes.
I was so excited to try these out so I ripped open the box and madly started removing the black laces in an attempt to try the rainbow laces..well thats where things got interesting! I don't know if it was just me rushing, but those laces are so damn annoying!! Every time I laced it up a bit, it fell back out; the laces don't go through any holes, the kinda just sit there.
But I finally got there! and took some photos to show what they look like! I will post some outfit photos wearing the Hellbound's in the next few days :)
I got the size 7, which is what I usually wear in Lita's. They fit pretty snug! If UNIF made half sizes, I would probably get the 7.5. This shoe does have a zip on the side, to save messing with the laces, but because the laces are still done up tight, it makes it tricky to get your foot in, so you kinda have to untie them anyway..but once my foot was in and they were all done up, they were nice and comfy.
The bottom is ribbed, which will help grip the ground, and the chunky heel makes it easy to walk in!
I love these shoes and cant wait to wear them out! I highly recommend them!
Get them now here before they're gone!



  1. I they look amazing! I soo want to buy these : )

  2. Oooh now I really want the leopard ones!

  3. i want one, damn they're hot...I want the red but it only come with one lace color.

    1. You will love them! I have the red also, it doesn't matter that it only comes with black laces, because the other colours don't really suit them in my opinion (I've tried them) xx

  4. I love them! I just bought mine :)

    1. How awesome are they!? Definitely one of my favourite pairs! xx


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