Sunday, 1 January 2012

*My Jeffrey Campbell Lita Obsession*

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Here is a photo of my Jeffrey Campbell Lita collection. Since this picture was taken I have added 3 new pairs! I now have a total of 17 styles and counting.
From left to right: Spike black leather, tapestry, Taupe suede, Red distressed leather, Green velvet, Purple glitter velvet, Turquoise suede, White pony fur, Pink pony fur, Pink neon leather, Cosmic leather, Pink glitter, Multi glitter & Black leather.



  1. These are some of the most amazing shoes I have ever seen. All joking aside, I want every single pair. These must have cost you a fortune!

  2. Thanks :) They are Jeffrey Campbell Litas. They are around $160 each pair, so added up, yeah its quite a lot lol.

  3. You lucky girl! Hahaha I ADORE the lita spikes :) But so far I've only got Lanas and Tardys. Definitely getting the Clinic and Blyke soon :)

  4. amazing... i got my 1st pair today:) black spikes i love with them:)

  5. OMG ! u are one lucky gurl <3

  6. Love your collection! In Portugal they are really expensive (200€) :( I still didn't get any!!!


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