Thursday, 5 January 2012

*Solestruck Shout Out*

As a self confessed shopaholic, over the years I have purchased a LOT of items from a LOT of online stores.
I have spend thousands of dollars on clothes, accessories, handbags and shoes, and never have I come across a more reliable store than Solestruck.
I only discovered Solestruck about 2 years ago, as I went in search of my first pair of Jeffrey Campbell Lita's (I ended up buying the Pink Pony Fur).
I was amazed by the range of brands that Solestruck stocked, but at the time, after making my first purchase, I told myself that I would only buy one pair of Lita's and try to stay off this amazing webstore in the future.
Well I guess you can tell from my blog that I failed miserably in doing so..
Over the last 2 years, I have purchased a ridiculous number of unique shoes from Solestruck, spending more money than I want to imagine.
Solestruck is my go-to store for Jeffrey Campbell and occasionally other brands such as Senso (Ironically  a brand from Australia, that I have failed to find IN Australia).
Solestruck has amazing lightening fast customer service, you will get a reply to your queries and questions before you can refresh your email.
Also not forgetting the great warehouse team, who pack and ship your purchases in a flash.
Shipping worldwide is now free if you spend over $150, and with all the great shoes this store has to chose from, you wont have any trouble there.
If you havn't heard of Solestruck until now, your missing out!! I highly recommend them!
Warning: Clicking may result in a full blown shoe addiction like my own ;)



  1. Hiiii!

    I think I may become a shoe addict too... I bought my first pair of Litas, the Cosmic, and have since bought 4 more pairs of shoes in the giant solestruck sale. I got the JC Dino in brown, Fox Tick in white, and the pink Gallatin, and also the Gee Wa Wa Flora in Kelly. WOO!

    I don't have anywhere to wear them though :P So I just look at them until the day I go somewhere :P


  2. Hi, Solestruck's sale was awesome! I like the Flora! I got four pairs too; The Detention, blue Tardy, stars & stripes El Carmen and Senso Saure.
    Your blog is so cute :)

  3. Do you follow all the sizing suggestions they give on solestruck or do you order the same size in all your litas?? I want to order the spikes but solestruck says they big a size big and i was wondering what you thought

  4. Hi Meg's, with the lita spike I ordered half size smaller than usual and it's perfect. There's not much in it, and you can always wear thicker socks and tighten the laces if it's a little big. One of my litas is a whole size bigger than usual and that's what I did :)

  5. my gosh!!! I've been lurking at solestruck for quite sometime already and I am already at a point of buying JC shoes..... hahaha you have huge LITA collection gurl..I love it.


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