Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Pink Glitter Spikes

I finally got my pink glitter spiked loafers! 
I originally ordered these from the Cult Label back in early November, and I still hadn't received them up until a couple of weeks ago (after numerous excuses) so I decided to cancel my order and buy elsewhere.
So glad I did, or else I would probably still be waiting.
I love these! I found these before I discovered the UNIF version, I loved the glitter mixed with the spikes, I think they're really unique, and considering my blog is named 'Pink Glitter' I think these are the perfect shoes :)
 I still plan on buying the Hellraiser's ASAP, having these has made me want them even more!



  1. I got these back in Sept. Did you have issues with the sizing? It seems that they are made in china and every pair i got was off :/

    1. I wore them for the first time tonight, they seem fine, I got a 36, they did rub a little at the back, but that usually happens to me with flats coz I like them snug. Where did you order from? Maybe they were a different brand? Xx

  2. they're perfect, you should get the pink one i thin :))

  3. where did you order these from? Gorgeous

    1. I got these from Ebay. Search Spike Loafers :)


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