Sunday, 5 February 2012

Spikey Shoe Wish List

At the moment I'm really loving any sort or stud or spike embellished shoes.
I have put together a list of my 10 most wanted here.
1. UNIF Hellraiser in Pink
I have wanted these for the longest time! But they always seem to be sold out everywhere :(
I love the pink, but would be happy with the wine or black pair also!

2. Jeffrey Campbell Lita Spike in Khaki
New release from Solestruck! I always wanted to get the Lita in Khaki, and now it has spikes! Even better!

3. Jeffrey Campbell Lita Spike in Grey
Again, I don't have the Lita in Grey, I would love this spike version. I have the Black Spike and I love them, also the Suede would be something different.

4. Jeffrey Campbell Blyke
I love the look of this creamy shoe mixed with the gold studs, it looks really fancy!
5. Jeffrey Campbell Judas
Still think these would be perfect for summer, I really want them!

6. Jeffrey Campbell Lita Spike in Denim
I love this colour of the Spike, it gives the spikes a softer more girly look.

7. Jeffrey Campbell Kelsey Stud
Again loving the contrast between the gold and the black, most of the stud/spike shoes always use silver. I love gold!

8. Jeffrey Campbell Shadow
Really like these shoes, Im not sure how they would look on me though, but they're really unique!

9. Jeffrey Campbell Lita Spike 2
At first I thought this was too much, but its growing on me! I just wish the instep was spikes as well and not studs.
10. UNIF Hellbound in Leopard.
Ok so this isn't a spike shoe, but Im really loving UNIF and Hellbound's right now!!

*All photos are property of Solestruck, Envi Shoes or Eilatan*



  1. These are absolutely gorgeous. Wish I could have one pair for myself lol

  2. Maybe having spikes on the instep was a problem for some people with brushing feet? So if people brushed their feet together studs would be easier to walk in


    1. Yeah I guess, But I just think it kinda ruins it! I have the Hellraisers and they have spikes on the inside and dont rub xx

  3. Eu amo spikes ,e estes sapatos são um luxo,ainda compro um pra mim.lindo o post parabéns.beijo

  4. Great top 10! My favourites are the Spike Litas.
    Theres a new type that have just been released they are Black lita, with a gold spiked heel cap, they are soooo hot!! You should check them out. Gorgeous :) xx


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