Thursday, 9 February 2012

Want: UNIF Hellraiser

So the UNIF Hellraiser's were restocked today at Solestruck.
I really want to get them but I cant afford them right now :(
I am so sad, I've been lusting over them for such a long time!
I really love the Pink ones! Hopefully they will still be around by the time I do have the money to buy them :)

For those of you who want them, buy them here, but be quick! 
For now I will just drool over pictures of these beauties :)

Photos from: Dollskill, Christeric, Editorandchic, Solestruck.



  1. I love these. I already have the black ones and I ordered the pinks ones yesterday. Good luck on your quest :D

    1. Lucky you! How do they fit size wise? xx

  2. Dammit! Okay, thanks to you, I totally just caved and bought them. I don't really have the money, I blame emotional spending. Thanks for sharing that they were back in stock!

    xo Nat

  3. Hi, do you where I can get them? It's out of stock everyehere :(

    1. The black ones are on pre-order at Dolls Kill (shipped 28th April)
      As for the pink; keep checking, they do come back in stock every so often, you just gotta be quick :)

  4. If you order these on you can get a new customer discount that is 30% off on these UNIF hellraisers or even Jeffrey Campbell shoes. You just have to email them or call them. So $165 USD to $115 USD Free shipping to USA + Canada. I got the pink ones, they also sell leopard white and black! Only the customer discount is for certain brands but they work for UNIF and JC's for sure :)

  5. Thanks for letting me know, unfortunately I used my new customer discount a long time ago now ;) How awesome is it of them to offer that though? I really like revolve, just wish they had a larger selection.
    Since this post, I now own the Pink Hellraisers and love them :) xx


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