Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Latest Buys

Here are my most recent additions! I bought the Marc Jacobs Ipad case, it's really cute! Such a bright pink and it lined with furry material. I was looking around for this for a while, it was sold out at most online stores, I was just about to buy it on Ebay (for way above retail) when I came across this website Endless. It's a really great website, with cheap international shipping for a change! Im sure this wont be my last purchase from them :)

I also picked up this black and white striped blazer from my local Op Shop for $6! Bargain :)
My Asos dress that I ordered a while ago also came, its a bit crinkled up at the moment so it will hopefully look better on!
On my way home I picked up a magazine from the shops, it came with a Model Co eyeshadow palette in smokey eye shades.
Tomorrow I will be receiving something else in the mail! Im really excited about this one, can't wait to share it with you xx


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