Monday, 9 April 2012

Another Pre-Order: Jeffrey Campbell Back Off

So when Solestruck posted that they were doing a pre-order sale of the ever popular Back Off boots by Jeffrey Campbell, I knew I had to have them. Even though this would mean that I would now be waiting on 3 pairs of pre-ordered shoes!
I had been thinking about buying the Back Off a while ago, but it was sold out everywhere.
So now here I am, patiently waiting on MORE shoes..
If you want to join me in my wait, check them out on Solestruck here to get your pair :)
Photos borrowed from: Haute Pink Pretty & Black Milk.



  1. OMG that is totally going to be you with those galaxy leggings!! Those shoes are so badass, I swear no one will want to mess with you. I love them.

  2. Are the comfy? I am jonesing for black boots for the fall.

    1. Yeah they are really comfy :) A real everyday boot xx


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