Friday, 13 April 2012

Latest Buys

I finally got the YSL Arty Ring in Turquoise! I have wanted this colour for so long, but it seems to be the most popular and was always either sold out online or selling for way above retail on Evilbay.
I love it :) Prepare to see it in lots of future outfit posts!
I also received my prize for winning the Dolls Kill 'Be The Doll' comp. The UNIF 'I will cheat on you' tee, its really cute and ironic! Thanks UNIF & Dolls Kill ;)
Another recent arrival, this Leather Jacket from Nasty Gal, I like the look of it, but it is a little bigger than I would like, so I may end up selling it.
It could be replaced by the Jacket I ordered today, the UNIF Easy Rider Jacket! I really loved this jacket, so I snapped it up when I saw it available again :) Love the big American flag!



  1. That ring is beautiful!! And I love both of the biker jackets!... And Congrats on winning the competition!! :)

  2. Should be getting this ring in turqouise for my birthday, so excited! I love your blog so much. Got my first pair of Lita's recently and would love a collection like yours!
    Alix of

    1. Yay you will LOVE it!! I wear mine all the time :)
      Thanks :) Your blog is cool! xx


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