Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Black Milk x Jeffrey Campbell! Pre-ordered ;)

Today was the day! I had a terrible sleep last night, waking up every hour to make sure that the Black Milk x Jeffrey Campbell Collaboration was not released early on Solestruck.
As promised 8:00am came and the shoes were up! 
The site quickly went into meltdown. I was having flash backs of Solestruck's annual Black Friday sales as I watched that damn spinning wheel of death.
Finally after about half an hour, I checked my email and there was my order confirmation!! (Meanwhile, the spinning wheel of death had still failed to load the final page :S go figure!)
So which pair did I get? Most of you can probably already guess...
The Rainbow Galaxy Damsels!!
I was contemplating also getting the Bones Back Off, but Im still undecided. I think Ill wait to see what other designs are released in May.
Who ordered a pair? Who can't wait until JULY! to get them :O
If you havnt yet done so; head over to Solestruck, they still have them :) But not for long!

In other shoe pre-order related news; I also ordered a pair of the Wildfox x Jeffrey Campbell Collab shoes.
The pink ballet platform! I know right! The one that I said was my least favourite! The more I saw it, the more I wanted it. Im always changing my mind with things like that!
Anyways I ordered them from Dolls Kill, cause I missed out on Solestruck.
I really want to get the Sergeant Pepper Wildfox x JC boot to!



  1. Oh man, all of those shoes are amazing!! I don't know how you were able to decide. And I can't believe you chose those ballet platforms! Hahaha I love them and think they are AMAZING but I totally remember you not liking them at first. They will look so fierce on you!

    1. Haha yeah I know, Im strange like that ;) Hopefully I end up liking them when I do finally get them!
      Did you order any from the Black Milk or Wildfox colabs? xx

  2. Oh, I definitely think you will love them. They are insane. <3 ... I didn't order anything because I am trying to save and buy a couch, washer & dryer and boring house stuff cause I just bought my own place. But I am definitely keeping my eye out and will live through you a little with these amazing shoes! Hahaha

  3. Those shoes are incredible! I'm craving for them so badly! Do you have any more pictures of them? Oh, and by the way, do you know what they made of? I know the main material is a satin, but does it have real leather? Thank you.

    1. Do you mean the Wildfox Ballet shoes? Theres a few more pictures here:

      I should have them in the next week or two, so Ill be posting pics then.
      As for what they are made of; its satin upper and leather lining xx


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