Thursday, 5 April 2012

Betsey Johnson Foxey

I decided to finally order the Betsey Johnson Foxey Shoes.
I had been eyeing these for a while and ended up getting them from
The shipping was express, so I got them really quickly!
I ordered the size 6, I didnt have any Betsey Johnson shoes, so I was unsure on how they fit, they are a tiny bit tight, but hopefully they will stretch a little.
Also the yellow parts are a lot brighter than they look on the net, it is more neon than I thought.
Their really cute and I do love them :)



  1. finally you got them, i thought i have ever seen you're craving for these and put the pic either on blog or fb page :) yeay, can't wait for your outfit post :p

    1. Yeah! I've wanted them for a while :) Outfit post soon ;) xx

  2. These are so gorgeous!! I love Betsey Johnson. Black and neon yellow are so great together and I can't wait for the outfit post as well! :)


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