Friday, 22 February 2013

A Pretty Orchid Situation

There has been so many new Black Milk pieces being released lately that I love- It's sending me broke!
I bought the 4 Bodysuits in the latest Ammo release because I couldn't decide, this one is probably my favourite of them all; A Pretty Orchid Situation.
It is indeed pretty- so many colours :) I paired it with my newest skirt! Finally found some loose skater style skirts to match with my Black Milk Swims & Bodysuits! This one was from Supre, it's a really vibrant Fuchsia and matches this Bodysuit pretty well, I added the clashing bright green bag for contrast. I really like the outfit as a whole :)
I was wearing:
Supre Fuchsia Chiffon Skirt
Chanel Lime Green Bag
Hawaii Blue & Yellow Necklace
Equip Orange Bracelet
Equip Pink Stone Earrings



  1. I really envy your wardrobe!!

  2. Black Milk bodysuits are very cute! You look gorgeous!


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