Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Back Of The Deck

Another Black Milk piece I regretted not buying when it was in the store, I eventually found one in my size!
I was a bit unsure of the pattern around the stomach area being unflattering, but turns out its fine. I really like the intricate pattern.
As its a simple black & white dress; I paired it with all pink accessories, I really like the outcome :)
I was wearing:
Celine Pink Bag
Diva Pink Stone Necklace
Diva Pink Spike Bracelet
YSL Pink Arty Ring
Equip Pink Earrings



  1. love this, but dude how do you afford all your shoes, like you have every colour of Hellbound there is!

  2. Here are the links! I really love all your outfits. I hope you like the entry! Thank you very very much! and


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