Thursday, 7 February 2013


The Phoenix Dress was one of my many Cyber Monday purchases.
I really hope Black Milk do decide to make it annual, I picked up lots of pieces I kinda wanted but had put off buying and turned out I really liked a lot of them on.
The Phoenix was one of them, I love the colours, it matches really well with my Tardy boots and blue accessories.
Oh and the Bodysuit's I posted about yesterday..I may have bought all 4 :)
I was wearing:
Marc Jacobs Blue Stam Bag
Colette Blue Necklace
Vintage Blue Bangle
YSL Blue Lapis Arty Ring



  1. Beautiful! :D

  2. I love it with the blue bag, you should try the Metallic Lita's? I haven't done that yet but now looking at the bag next to the dress it could totally work. I really hope they do it annually, I'd save like a grand over the year and go crazy! lol


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