Saturday, 2 February 2013


First outfit with my Pacman Swim!
I was so excited to finally get this, but hadn't worn it until now; it cost me a fair amount so I'm a pretty carful with it ;)
It's a little big- I would ideally love to downsize to an XS if I can ever find one! I find old cut swims fit pretty differently to new cut. I would also love to get/swap for the Pacman Dress! I feel a lot of the print is lost on the swim when worn as a bodysuit.
Definitely still one of my favourite Black Milk pieces though! 
I was wearing:
Black Milk Pacman Swim
Kmart Navy Peplum Skirt
Rubi Pink Satchel Bag
Colette Rainbow Spike Necklace
Diva Pink & Blue Spike Bracelets 
Diva Yellow Cuff Braclet
YSL Blue Lapis Arty Ring



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