Friday, 21 February 2014

Inside Out

My first inside out dress, I didn't get the first two that Black Milk released..I wasnt in love with the galaxy print side on each. But when I saw this one was coming out- with two prints I actually liked I had to buy it, despite having both prints in the bodycon dresses already.
I'm glad I did, it's so pretty in real life and the Amethyst side is more of a pink tone than my Amethyst bodycon dress which I like :)
For this outfit I decided to merge both sides with the same accessories, the purple tones work well with both sides.
I also have the SOM vs Sapphire Inside Out Dress on its way! Should arrive Monday!

I was wearing:
Balenciaga UltraViolet Baby Daim City Bag
UNIF Lavender Vapor Heels
Purple Crystal Necklace
Balenciaga Violet Giant Cuff Bracelet

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