Sunday, 16 February 2014

Shiny Disco Ball

I was super excited for the release of Black Milk's Batman Collection!
I'm still a sucker for anything sparkly and shiny; so when this dress was sneaked it was an instant must have! I later saw that the material was also made into a Zip Bodysuit and Leggings; so of course I ended up with all 3 :)
It's such a great fabric! Similar to the reptilian fabric with the all over little dots, but it reflects differently  creating bigger sparkles.
The Batman release had a lot of designer pieces I wanted! I ended up buying 8 different things. My instore piece count is now sitting at 197 (three more pieces until my custom!!)
I paired this dress with some holographic heels and simple accessories- who needs jewels with a dress this sparkly ;)

I was wearing:
Balenciaga Cyclamen Giant Envelope Clutch
Diva Rosary Necklace
Guess Black Stone Ring

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