Saturday, 23 March 2013

Mario Watchman

One of my most loved Black Milk Pieces; The Mario Watchman Swim.
Am I the only one who tends not to wear my rarer pieces often in fear of something happening to them?
I paired it with a bright yellow skater skirt and my trusty Betsey Johnson heels.
I was wearing:
Marc Jacobs Black Stam Bag
Betsey Johnson Yellow/Black Foxey Heels
House of Harlow Stations Necklace
Diva Yellow Cuff Bracelet
Equip Black Stone Ring
Vintage Crystal Earrings



  1. This is AMAZING :D
    I love Watchmen, I always regret not buying this swim but I have a long torso anyway haha xD


  2. You don't always need to just wear the two colours that are on the swims, you know?
    I feel a lot of the time your outfits are too..."matchy-matchy", and it doesn't look good, it just looks...costumey and like you're trying waaaaay too hard (sorry if that's the look you're going for).
    You come off as a fashion novice (assuming that because the swim is black and yellow, you must wear all black and yellow), and it's a shame. You obviously have a lot of interest, why don't you try studying up a bit more...learn to pair pieces that suit, rather than throw on anything that is the same colour.

    Good luck.

    1. Personal style is exactly that..personal.
      I like it like this so its how I wear it, if you don't like it that's fine, it would be a boring world if we all dressed the same.
      And excuse me if I don't take advice for someone who's commenting to me on anonymous, all that says to me is that your insecure in yourself

    2. LMFAO at Ms Anonymous!
      Jealously is a curse love :P I bet you wish you had half of this girls looks, style and wardrobe!
      Post some links to your outfits so we can judge you and look like stupid whores in the process like you've managed to do to yourself with your bitchy comment ;)

    3. Dear Anonymous: Im not going to post any more of your comments, your just making yourself look like a stupid bitch. Please feel free to go get a life of your own and stay the hell off my blog, if you dont like it..why do you keep coming back ;) Goodbye.

  3. Cool post!!
    twitter & instagram : @fashionrlounge
    Fashion room lounge

    A chic kiss ;)


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