Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Luck of the Irish

I just got this Stylestalker Leather Jacket! I have a slight obsession for leather jackets, I have so many; but they go with everything! I tend to have a couple of favourites which I tend to wear over and over.
This one has gold hardware details which is a change from the usual silver, plus it matches the hardware on my Balenciaga.
I paired it with my Black Milk Irish Leggings, thought I may as well wear them on an occasion other than St Patrick's Day :)
The boots are one of my original pairs; by Senso, I haven't worn them for the longest time, so thought I'd try them out again, they have a snakeskin look with metallic brown tinges running through them, really cool in the light.

I was wearing:
Stylestalker Leather Biker Jacket
Black Supre Tshirt


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