Thursday, 4 July 2013


Black Milk's latest collection; 'Glitterpuke' was released today.
I originally wasn't planning on buying anything from it right away, I currently have quite a large in-store wishlist to catch up on!
Then I saw the A Sassy Nation Bodysuit was added to the list! I loved this since I first saw it sneaked last year! I had to have it!! At only $60 too it's a bargain.
I really love the Designer Black Milk pieces, they are a lot more versatile and discreet than the loud printed items.
The Sassy Bodysuit reminds me of the Black bodysuit's back in the BM blog days! Can't wait to get it :)
Also added to my wishlist; the Dinoskull Swim, Aurora Orange Dress, Pretty Lights Dress and Will You Still Love Me Hosiery.
I also finally received my 500k Noms Pieces today! I haven't updated my blog with regular posts for a while due to my 30 Day Challenge, so tomorrow I can hopefully get another "New arrivals" post up.



  1. Im so sad I couldn't get the pink tartan legs, they are so damn cute!!


    1. I really don't like any of the Tartans..Maybe in a bodysuit ;)
      I'm sure you will find them on ebay soon enough ! xx


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