Friday, 5 July 2013

BM Latest

Here are the Black Milk pieces I've added to my collection since I last posted. 
I thought I had included them all, but I forgot a few, so I'll include them in the next one.
I got a couple pieces in the Museum sale, and chose the Rain Bird Swim and Sharkollage Crop from the 500k Noms collection. I really liked the Rain Bird's pretty colours and I wanted something in the Shark print and the Crop seemed less busy than the others- the print was a bit overwhelming, but I knew I would regret not getting it in some form :)
The others were various ebay/online finds, and some from lovely BM friends.
My collection is getting a bit crazy now! I either need to buy another wardrobe or start selling some of it to make room for new stuff!
My 500k Noms Pieces: Rain Bird Swim & Sharkollage Crop

Swims & Bodysuits: Caterpillar, Samurai, Sheer Top, Black & White Panel, Goldfish, Rain Bird.

Leggings: Wet Bandages, Bloodbaths, Space Bubbles, Silver Sequins, Silver Shattered Glass, Silver Mermaids, Pink Leopards, Leopard, Stars.

Dresses: Moustache, Mountains of Mars, Mountains of Mars Sample, A Tribe Called White Skater.

Tops: Wet Look Jacket, Sharkollage Crop, Wallpaper Shiny Crop, Biker Jacket.

Skirts: Leather, Blue Lace.



  1. Your collection is so beautiful I could cry XD haha



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