Thursday, 4 October 2012

Adding to the collection..

Here are my latest Black Milk arrivals!
Today I received my Star Wars order containing the Artoo Dress and Swim! So glad to finally own them, I love them, there really cute :)
I also got my order from last week of the Beer Dress, Rainbow Galaxy Swim and Charcoal Shattered Glass Jacket.
Finally I got my hands on the Clouds Dress! Slowly crossing off my wishlist ;)



  1. Ooo you got your order really quickly :D

  2. Lovely pieces! How is the sizing on BM dresses? Would you say they run small/big/true?


    1. Im a Aus 6-8 and get the BM dresses in XS.
      I find they are true to size, they are meant to be body con, but they are very stretchy :) xx

  3. Do you like your R2 dress or swim better? I got the dress and I think it looks really nice on, one of the best dresses on me that I own but so many people I know said theirs are unflattering and are sending them back to switch for swims.

    1. I like the dress better- but I love the dresses best in any Black Milk :)
      I think I'll wear it more often than the swim, but they were just so cute I had to have both hehe xx


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