Thursday, 18 October 2012

Floating in the Clouds

I love my Black Milk Clouds Dress! 
I recently bought it for what I thought was a good price- then about a week later 3 of them popped up on Ebay and sold for even better prices! Oh well it was still worth it to me :)
Usually I match my accessories with my outfits- but I decided to go for something different this time so I paired the dress with this bright yellow necklace and a bright pink bracelet and bag. I really like how it turned out :)
I was wearing:
Celine Pink Bag
Colette Yellow Necklace
Diva Pink Spike Bracelet
Diva Pink Crystal Earrings



  1. Love the use of colours in your accessories :)

  2. wow i want that dress!!

    Im following you, id love if you
    Check out blog and giveaways :)


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