Sunday, 7 October 2012

Black Milk Printed Dresses

I've had a few requests to take some pics of my Black Milk collection, so today I finally got around to pulling out all my printed dresses.
I'll be doing a few posts; grouping my BM pieces by type eg: leggings, skirts, bodysuits, tops etc..
The Black Milk dresses are definitely my favourites! My collection is slowly growing, Im planning on purchasing a couple more dresses next week :)
My favourites are Aurora, Polar and Clouds and it took me lots of time and money to acquire them :)

Update as of 9/11/12



  1. My favourite in your collection is the Polar Bear one. I really wish I got it 'cause it doesn't seem to be coming back, I thought I was too fat! lol

    1. There's gonna be a Pink Mountains dress which is pretty similar ;) Im definitely getting that!! xx

    2. Yeah I've already got the Pink Mountain leggings. I'm TRYING (not exactly succeeding) not to get too many items of one print... I just really love the blue. I have this awesome makeup idea that always brings me back to this dress. lol

    3. I saw a sneaky peak of the dress the other day! It looks really nice :D xx


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