Friday, 3 May 2013

Fruit Salad

There was a lot of discussion about this Fruit Salad 2 Piece Bodysuit when it it was released, not many people liked it, but I did; so I bought it. I'm glad I did! Even though I will probably never wear the bottom half of it, I really like the top, I think it's cute :)
I paired it with my Black Milk Crushed Velvet Skirt and some bright accessories.
I think it's a fun look, something different- after all; if we all had the same tastes life would be boring ;)
I was wearing:
Black Milk Crushed Velvet Green Skirt
Apple Green Motorcycle Bag
Rainbow Heart Bead Necklace
Colette Pastel Bracelets



  1. Hi! I found you in Chicisimo and I absolutely love your style!! I also have a fashion blog with many readers from all over the world and I would like to upload at least one picture of each country that reads me, one of them is Australia, of course! So I was wondering If I could use your pictures there :) Here is the link in case you wanna check it. I hope you say yes as many girls have done already. Would be really cool! Ah! I looooove your hair!

    1. Hi Dharia!
      That sounds nice, of course :) feel free to use any pics you like from my posts! Xx


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