Saturday, 25 May 2013

June: This VS That Month

I'm getting a bit bored of posting the same out outfit posts in the same format, so I thought I'd try something different!
I've created a 30 day Black Milk challenge for myself and anyone who would like to join in!
This VS That Month will feature a new post for each day of the month with two different outfits.

Here's what I'll be posting:

1- Spots vs Stripes

2- Arms vs Legs

3- Tribal vs Floral

4- Coloured vs Printed Bottoms

5- Pastel vs Neon

6- Striped vs Leopard

7- Mini vs Maxi

8- Cute vs Scary

9- Black vs Colour

10- Leather vs Lace

11- Gold vs Silver

12- Dressed Up vs Dressed Down

13- Star Wars vs LOTR

14-  Matte vs Shiny

15- Pink vs Blue

16- Hippie vs Punk

17- Dress vs Swim

18- Sophisticated vs Playful

19- Summer vs Winter

20- Hot vs Cold

21- Day vs Night

22- Trendy vs Classic

23- Colourblocked vs Black & White

24- Girly vs Goth

25- Film vs Art

26- Predator vs Prey

27-  Sexy vs Sweet

28- Retro vs Futuristic

29- Disco Diva vs Glam Rock

30- America vs Australia

Some of these I already have ideas for! Others not so much..It will be interested to see what myself and others come up with! I hope some of you will join in <3
Tag your contributions as #pinkglitterthisthat on instagram!


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