Thursday, 26 September 2013

Top 10 Black Milk Pieces

My collection has grown to a crazy number now! But if I could only choose 10 pieces to keep, it would be these:

When I first discovered Black Milk, I found the Popsicle Swim in the Museum and feel in love <3
I was never able to track one down though. I was so excited when I saw that they were being re-released! I was gifted the White version before it was released! Made my day :)
I'm still waiting for the Black one to come out!! This is probably my favourite Black Milk piece due to the amount of time and special way I got it <3 

I really love these!! So glittery and girly. 
These are an old piece, back from blog days, I think only a few pairs were made, so I'm lucky to have found them.

Maybe a one off? Not sure, but I've never seen another!
Such an awesome piece! I got this one, along with a few other older pieces from a lovely girl a while ago now.

You can probably tell by now; I have a soft spot for the Black Milk designer pieces (Halloween release shall be an expensive event for me)
I don't wear this much, but it's such a awesome dress, so sparkly! The sequins are like little worms :)

I never really gave these piece much thought. That is until I had a chance to buy it for RRP.
So glad I got it, I really loved it when I received it. 

A recent one, but an instant favourite! 
Still can't believe the cheap price placed on this one, it's so intricate and unique!

There's No Place Like Home Blue Bodysuit
My 'Dorothy' piece. This was a sample from the Brisbane Sample Sale. I got it from a beautiful Sharkie along with another cool black & white panel sample bodysuit.
I would love a Dorothy Dress!

I decided not to buy this when it was released..then instantly regretted it!
Luckily I was able to find one for sale. It's really awesome and thick leather, goes with everything!

I paid a fair bit for this one, but it was worth it too me :)
Another old piece which I have never seen another of. It has so many zippers, I especially love the ones around the neck.

A simple piece, but the one I probably wear the most.
It's so easy to dress up or down, and I love the fabric.



  1. Sorry to pry but how do you afford all of that? I wish I could


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