Saturday, 1 March 2014

2 Years On

Today marks 2 years since I made my first ever Black Milk purchase.
It was the Rainbow Galaxy Skirt; I've always loved rainbow prints, so when I first discovered Black Milk I fell in love!
I made my order, and waited (not so)patiently for what seemed like forever; 8 days later my shiny black package arrived and the obsession began there.
2 years on and my current collection stands at over 300 pieces. 
I've managed to find lots of my dream pieces, some harder to find than others. I've scored some bargains and paid a small fortune for others.
I'm currently planning my custom 200-store-piece! I can't wait to share it here :)
But back to the outfit; this is my Villainess Dress. I love it! Something different from typical Black Milk pieces, I'm loving the sophisticated edge of some of the newer pieces.

I was wearing:
Balenciaga Blue Giant Envelope Clutch
Forever 21 Blue Jewel Necklace
Vintage Jewel Bracelet

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