Saturday, 22 March 2014

Dead Cat

Double Black Milk outfit featuring the Lace Shrug and an unexpected love; Dead Cat Leggings.
I bought these leggings in the last museum release; when they were in store I didn't give them much thought, there was so much else I wanted at the time. 
Looking through the Museum items they caught my eye, reminding me a little of the Abstraction print which I am still looking for. 
I decided to buy the Dead Cat's- named because the pattern features Cat Skeletons all over- and I'm glad I did! I really love them, they look just like patterned leggings until you get up close to see the detail.
I paired them with all black, including another BM purchase; the Lace Shrug, which I decided against keeping, they were just so huge!

I was wearing:
Supre Black Singlet
Chanel Vintage Bag

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