Friday, 28 March 2014


Here is the other side of my special custom Black Milk Inside Out Dress' Illuminati!
I love the leggings in this print, but have not yet been able to track a pair down in my size. *edit: I now own the Illuminati Leggings too!!*
I thought the print would look awesome in a dress; so I chose it for the reverse side of my 200th piece!
I think this pattern will be a good one to dress up or down, I can match it with a lot of different colours and have it work together.
I paired it here with my Lita Spikes, one of my earlier pairs of Jeffrey Campbell's, I find I don't wear them often anymore, but the black/silver matches the tones of the dress pretty well :)

I was wearing:
Black Milk Barbiebath vs Illuminati Inside Out Dress
Chanel Vintage Bag

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