Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Barbie Bath

As if Black Milk wasn't awesome enough; they also offer special milestone rewards.
Once you buy 50 pieces from the store you get a $130 gift voucher; I used mine to buy my Nairobi Long Sleeve Dress.
At 100 pieces you can chose the Pop Art print in any style; I chose the Bodycon Dress, I also have the Leggings.
At 200 you get to create your own special custom piece!!
On my second BM anniversary I received my 200+ Club email. 
I had been thinking about what I would chose for a while; I decided on an inside out dress!
You can get anything printed as long as it isn't copyright. So many options! But I really wanted something that was still unique to Black Milk, seeing as other companies now do custom prints also.
Here is my styling of the first side; Barbiebath! My own creation based on the Black Milk Bath series I really love those leggings, and now own 3 out of four; Plumbath (purple), Bloodbath (red) Slimebath (green)! Still looking for the Snowbath (white). *edit: I found Snowbaths! Bath collection complete :) *
I asked for a pink version; I love pink! Obviously seeing as my blog is named Pink Glitter! If there was more of the Glitter Pink fabric and the custom piece could be designer material I probably would have gone with that!
I'm so happy with my special dress!! I came home to it in my mailbox, it was a big surprise! I wasn't expecting it so soon- I only got my email 3 weeks ago :)
Thankyou to everyone at Black Milk for making this happen! Special thanks to Cam for all your help xx

I was wearing:
Black Milk Custom Barbiebath Inside Out Dress
Chanel Vintage Bag
Colette Pink Chain Bracelet
Arty Pink Statement Ring

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