Saturday, 24 March 2012

Senso Diffusion

I really love Senso Diffusion.
They're an Australian brand, but I've only ever bought them from the US, I havnt seen them around much here, and when I have; they are more expensive than the US.
I have 3 pairs of Senso shoes so far; the Pink Leopard Wilma, Baby Pink Saure and Black Snake Neve. I really like all of them, however I have found their sizing to be a little on the small side.
The next Senso pair I really want to get is the black & white stripe Acacia; its an older style, but I really like it.
Included are some photos of the latest Senso collection, I really love the bright pink one below.

My small Senso collection

Senso Acacia



  1. I'm selling my Senso Acacia, they're a US size 8, in case you're interested.

    1. Thanks for letting me know, unfortunately Im a 6/7.

  2. Well they fit small, so they fit a size 7. I should have mentioned that.

  3. Well they're brand new, and fit a size 7 even though they are a size eight.


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