Thursday, 15 March 2012

UNIF Clothing

 As most of my regular blog readers are probably aware; Im currently having a love affair with UNIF.
I only quite recently discovered this brand when I purchased the Hellbounds from Solestruck.
I went on to look into this brand a bit more and found so many items that I loved!
I have since gone on to purchase the 'Jesus Saves I Spend' tee and the Hellbound in red.
I have just ordered the Leopard Spike Moto Jacket and really want to get the Leopard Hellbounds to match!
And as soon as the Pink Hellbounds (my perfect shoe!) are released I will be snapping them up along with some Hellraisers.
As for the other pieces I want:
Tie Dye Shroom Daze Tee- Love the colours!
Americana Moto Jacket- Love leather jackets and America for that matter!
Lace Chocker Dress- Love the vintage yet edgy look
Morrison Leather Pants- I've wanted some leather pants for a while! I love these ones, but Im not sure what size I would be..
I really want to add these pieces to my wardrobe ASAP!


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  1. I love every single one of these pieces as well! They are just a bit expensive for me.


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