Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Jeffrey Campbell x Wildfox Colab

So the release of the Jeffrey Campbell x Wildfox colab shoe collection is soon approaching!
I have managed to track down some more images of the 4 piece collection.
Upon seeing these new photos, I have actually changed my mind completely as to which ones I want to buy.
I originally really liked the Dallas (denim foxy-like shoe with the bow on the back) however, after seeing these photos of it, Im not sure..I don't really like the shape of the heel, but I will wait and see when they are released to be sure.
One shoe that I now definitely want is the Sergeant Pepper (the tall black lita-like boot) I think it would be very versatile and fits my personal style well.
As for the Ballerina flatform; I know that most people who are interested in this collection- this is the one they all want, me however..I never really liked it, I've never been a fan of flatforms. I do like the Ballet shoe look, but I just feel that this looks like someone has tied a brick to the bottom of it..
And finally the Lone Star (white heel) I am still undecided on this one..I don't have any white heels, so I could do with these, and I like the vintage style to them, but Im not sure if I will buy them or not, I guess I'll wait and see how much they all are before I make final decisions :)
What are your opinions on the collection?



  1. I really love how the ballerina flatform looks! And the bow on the back of the denim ones, but not necessarily the whole shoe. And the sergeant pepper shoes look hot!

  2. Definitely dying in anticipation for this collection!

    By the Throat


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