Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Black Milk Cyber Monday Sale Purchases!

Aftermath of the Black Milk Sale!
14 pieces are on their way to me now, I went a little crazy, but the prices were so good!!
There was quite a lot of items on my wishlist which were limited, so I was hoping they would be included in the sale, I had them all in my cart ready and waiting, so when the sale started I just had to refresh the page to check the new prices; luckily everything I wanted was on sale :D
I then went back for two more orders after ;)
Here's what I bought:

A Tribe Called White Bodysuit

Ace of Skulls Dress

Aurora Swim

Emotional Panda Dress

Funny Bones Swim

Purple Galaxy Dress

Jailhouse Leggings

Lace Shorties

Lawn Dress

Phoenix Dress

Scribble Bodysuit

Liquid Gold Skirt

Roses Swim

World Maps Dress


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  1. Great items! :D
    I have 8 new pairs of legs on their way to me hehe ;)


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