Friday, 23 November 2012

Penny for your thoughts but a dollar for your insight

This is probably one of my favourite Black Milk dresses! The Dollar Dress.
I recently got it and fell in love, its really cool and unique; like most Black Milk items ;)
For this outfit I paired it with my green velvet Litas, they don't get worn very often, but they looked good with the green of the dress.
I was wearing:
Vintage Navy Chanel Bag
Black Lace Socks
Diva Stone Bracelet worn as Choker
Vintage Charm Bracelet
Black Leather Stud Bracelet
Equip Black Stone Ring
Jade Bangle & Ring


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  1. I think ive just realised how long your hair is haha, Im always distracted by your amazing outfits :D


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